Theodore Maione, PhD

Dr. Maione has extensive experience in research, management and product development in the biotechnology industry. He has served as an officer at three companies that developed novel pharmaceutical products. At Cytogel, Dr. Maione coordinates all research and development efforts and has been instrumental in identifying Cytogel’s primary products and creating its licensing and development strategy. He has piloted Cytogel’s CYT-1010 program and presented preclinical and clinical results at national meetings and international congresses.

Prior to joining Cytogel, Dr. Maione was the Chief Scientific Officer and Vice President of Research and Development at Seroptix. Prior to that time, he directed preclinical research for an amino acid prodrug that entered Phase III clinical trials for treatment of ARDS and SIRS while at Transcend Therapeutics.

Dr. Maione also served as President and Chief Scientific Officer for Repligen Development Corp, an LLP formed to specifically advance the clinical development of Platelet Factor 4, an effective heparin reversal agent that successfully demonstrated activity in Phase 2 testing. Previously at Repligen Corp., he held research, management and product development positions with responsibility for advancing novel therapeutic proteins and peptides from the lab into clinical development. Dr. Maione received a BS from Michigan State, a PhD from Cornell and conducted post doctoral research at Brandeis.