Novel Mechanism of Action

CYT-1010 has a novel mechanism of action, preferentially activating the endomorphin (EM) receptor (Exon 11), which is associated with powerful pain relief and a greater margin of safety.

CYT-1010 is an analog of a naturally occurring peptide, endomorphin 1, produced in the human body. The chemical structure of CYT-1010 is unrelated to traditional pain treatments, and therefore cannot be chemically converted to known drugs of abuse. In addition, by activating the EM receptor (Exon 11), significant pain relief can be produced without the reward that can lead to addiction, providing a profound benefit for patients and our communities.

Morphine and the marketed opioids activate Exon 1, the full-length mu receptor only, which is associated with the significant side effects of reward, withdrawal, respiratory depression and GI transit inhibition.


Strong Momentum 

Cytogel has achieved a key milestone by developing CYT-1010 to the point of entry into Phase 2 human testing.

The FDA has approved the first study protocol for Phase 2 testing of CYT-1010, a study which will focus on demonstrating effectiveness and safety of CYT-1010 in patients with significant pain.

There can be key clinical benefits from using our patented technology and transformational research.