Mission & History

Mission Statement

Cytogel is dedicated to developing and bringing to market innovative treatments to effectively resolve pain with substantially reduced side effects.

Our leading scientists are working together to develop trusted solutions with the aim to serve patients in a transformational and beneficial way.

Company Background & History

Founded in 2006, Cytogel Pharma LLC. is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery and development of safe and innovative treatments to finally resolve moderate to severe pain. Our scientists have worked diligently to build the Company's patent portfolio and have secured intellectual property protection for a number of compositions with attractive pharmaceutical properties that could substantially help patients.

Our lead compound, CYT-1010, is entering Phase 2 clinical development, following a successful Phase 1 study in humans. As the first member of a new class of drugs, the endomorphins, CYT-1010 is a breakthrough pain medicine which has demonstrated substantially reduced addiction potential and profoundly less risk of respiratory depression than has been experienced with traditional pain treatments. Offering an alternative in pain treatments could provide significant benefits across the country and in our communities.

Cytogel believes CYT-1010, when fully developed, will offer a transformational alternative drug treatment for pain that will ultimately provide greater relief and better outcomes for patients.

Drug Delivery Technologies

In addition, the ongoing quest to improve therapeutic options for patients has led the company to procure new drug delivery technologies that could enhance the performance of specific medicines in order to improve patient outcomes.

Cytogel has obtained patents in the field of hydrogels for a variety of clinical applications. These biocompatible polymers are expected to have a variety of medical uses for improved drug delivery and as coatings for medical devices.