Next Gen Endomorphins

Endomorphins - Next Generation Analgesics

The discovery of the endomorphins offers multiple possibilities for safe and effective pain management for the benefit of patients and medical practitioners together.

In addition to CYT-1010, many alternative endomorphin-like structures, with interesting characteristics, are included in our portfolio of patent applications. These molecules represent an array of opportunities that may offer important therapeutic advantages for patients.

Cytogel is in the discovery phase of selecting attractive endomorphin candidates from its portfolio for development, evaluating those with the potential for providing enhanced pharmaceutical properties.

The endomorphins (EMs) have demonstrated high affinity and selectivity for the desired receptor sites, which is associated with a greater margin of safety and more potent pain relief relative to currently available therapies.

Activation of the EM receptors is known for improved safety and highly effective pain relief  

Previous endomorphin studies relative to morphine have shown:

  • significant reduction of abuse potential, respiratory depression, tolerance, inflammation and impairment of motor coordination
  • equal or greater relief of pain in multiple chronic pain models

The use of endomorphin drugs could transform pain management.