A Transformational Pain Solution

The endomorphin family of peptides represents a novel approach to deliver pain relief while avoiding several of the limitations of currently available therapies. This entirely new family of drugs, the endomorphins, has the potential to transform the treatment of moderate to severe pain, with the goal of providing potent and safe pain relief, which has heretofore been an elusive goal.


Our Ground-breaking Approach

Cytogel is a clinical stage bio-pharmaceutical company developing first-in-class drug candidates, from the novel endomorphin family of molecules, that target key pain pathways and alleviate pain. This groundbreaking approach is backed by scientific evidence that elucidates its novel mechanism of action, differentiating it from that of the existing opioids and presenting an attractive alternative treatment for people in pain.

Clinical Proof of Concept

CYT-1010® is an endomorphin therapy that targets the right receptors of the central nervous system to block pain – with minimal adverse implications:

In Phase 1, CYT-1010 demonstrated safety and analgesic activity.

In preclinical studies, at therapeutic doses, it has been shown to provide:

  • Safe and effective pain relief
  • Impressive anti-inflammatory effects
  • Little to no addiction potential
  • No respiratory depression

CYT-1010 is entering Phase 2 human trials.

To Serve Patients in Pain

CYT-1010 is a breakthrough, investigational stage, pain medicine which has been demonstrated to be a viable alternative in pain treatment, with significant benefits for patients and healthcare practitioners.

As the first member of a new class of drugs, the endomorphins, CYT-1010 has shown to have substantially reduced addiction potential and profoundly less risk of respiratory depression than traditional pain treatments.

Developing this compound as an alternative pain treatment could provide significant benefits across the country and in our communities.