James Hamsher, PhD

Dr. Hamsher is responsible for Licensing and Business Development activities at Cytogel and has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry in licensing as well as research and development. Responsibilities at Cytogel have included initiating and maintaining relationships with industry experts and pharmaceutical companies around the world, which includes dissemination of key information, making presentations and involvement in business decisions relating to licensing activities. In addition to Business Development, Dr. Hamsher is involved in the research, development, and planning of Cytogel’s new drug candidate, CYT-1010.

Prior to joining Cytogel in 2008, Dr. Hamsher was President of Hamsher Associates International, a private Healthcare consulting company. Much of his professional career was with Pfizer, Inc., most recently as Senior Director of Licensing and Business Development for worldwide pharmaceuticals. Responsibilities included new drug discovery, evaluation, deal structure and negotiation, and presentation of overall projects to Senior Management for approval. Most notable during this tenure was responsibility for the early stage licensing and deal structure/negotiation for the multi-billion-dollar antibiotic drug, Zithromax. Dr. Hamsher spent his early career in Pfizer Central Research as a Scientist, Research Manager, and Assistant Director in pharmaceutical chemical research. Dr. Hamsher received a BA from Wabash College, a MS in organic chemistry from Southern Illinois University, and a PhD in organic chemistry from Purdue University.