Cytogel Pharma (Cytogel) is a bio-pharmaceutical development company focused on acquiring promising early-stage programs that offer significant potential both as platform technologies and high value product candidates. The company's portfolio includes novel analgesic product candidates and broadly useful polymer and hydrogel drug delivery platform technologies. Cytogel will develop products from these platform technologies to the point of demonstrated value and then license these products to other larger companies for the full scientific and clinical development and subsequent commercialization.


Analgesics can produce pain relief by acting centrally in the brain where they mimic the actions of neuromodulators called endogenous opioids (endorphins, dynorphins, enkephalins) and "block" the sensation of pain.

Drug Delivery Hydrogels

Hydrogels are advanced polymer systems that hold special advantages for the delivery of biological drugs and enhancing the biocompatibility of implantable devices.