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Cytogel has focused on developing products that will participate in markets with significant unmet needs. The market for pain management is such a market. It is a very large market, estimated to be approximately $60 billion worldwide, and very unsatisfied. It is estimated that 86 million Americans suffer chronic pain and almost half do not achieve adequate relief. For those who suffer acute pain, such as post-operative pain, opioids have been the mainstay. However, owing to their serious side effects, the opioids cannot be given long enough and at high enough doses to adequately treat severe pain.

The markets for drug delivery technologies are many, based on the large number of drugs that could be incorporated into the hydrogels. Novel drug delivery systems, such as Cytogel's biodegradable polymers and hydrogels, can potentially be used to reformulate a number of existing drugs, improving their therapeutic product characteristics and may then extend their patent protection, thus extending their potential profitability to the manufacturer.