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Focus on pain management and enhanced drug delivery

Cytogel Pharma is currently considering partnering opportunities to license the proprietary Mu receptor agonist Cyt-1010 for the treatment of pain. Cyt-1010 has proven more potent than morphine with an improved side effect profile and less potential for causing addiction. The pre-clinical program is complete, an INDA has been filed and the first in man Phase I study has been conducted. Cytogel is also considering additional relationships to expand the application of the company's hydrogel technology for enhanced drug delivery. These hydrogels may be made temperature- and/or pH-sensitive and may carry many times their weight in drug, potentially improving control of drug release and precision of delivery.

If you are interested in exploring a corporate partnership with Cytogel Pharma or would like additional information, please email:

C. Dean Maglaris, CEO