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CYT-1010 is the first in a new class of drugs, with a novel mechanism of action and is an analogue of a naturally occurring opioid, endomorphin 1, produced in the human body. It is chemically unrelated to existing opioids and therefore doesn’t have many of their critical drawbacks. CYT-1010 is about to enter phase 2 clinical testing.

Key Points:

  • CYT-1010 will be the "first in a new class of drugs", with "a novel mechanism of action" to enter the market, should it be approved.
  • CYT-1010 works through a novel mechanism of action, preferentially binding to and activating the truncated form of the mu opioid receptor, while morphine and the other classic opioids bind to the elongated form. This difference explains the basis by which CYT-1010 produces pain relief without some of the serious side effects of the classical opioids.
  • Based on preclinical studies and a successful Phase 1 human trial, CYT-1010 is 3 to 4 times more potent than morphine in relieving pain, has shown impressive anti-inflammatory properties and is effective in models of neuropathic pain.
  • CYT-1010, in pre-clinical studies has shown little or no respiratory depression at therapeutic dosage levels and has demonstrated a reduced risk of addiction.
  • Cytogel owns and has exclusive rights to all the IP related to CYT-1010 including composition of matter patents.
  • The pain market for drugs ($60 Billion) is very large and mostly unsatisfied.
  • Respiratory depression is a serious and potentially life-threatening side effect associated with the use of currently available opioids, especially in the post-operative setting.
  • Prescription drug abuse and addiction has risen to epidemic proportions. There is a great need for an effective analgesic with less potential for abuse.