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Cyt-1010 is a novel analgesic that represents a breakthrough in the treatment of pain and has the potential for broad use in this area of medical indication. The data developed to date indicate that Cyt-1010 can be positioned to address the significant unmet needs currently existing in the market for moderate to severe pain.

Animal studies conducted to date indicate that Cyt-1010:

  • is a potent analgesic agent in models of acute pain
  • is three to four times more potent than morphine in treating pain
  • has significant activity against neuropathic pain, as demonstrated with endomorphin 1 and Cyt-1010 in four models of neuropathic pain
  • is a mu-opioid receptor (MOR) agonist that has high affinity for the MOR, with higher specificity for the MOR than morphine
  • has demonstrated a favorable respiratory and cardiovascular safety profile
  • has shown a reduced potential for abuse compared to morphine in studies

Cyt-1010 represents a significant medical advance and will be developed to 1) capture a significant share of the worldwide $10 billion market for opioid analgesics, 2) be used in place of other analgesics and opioids in the $29 billion cancer pain and post-operative pain management markets, and 3) become an effective treatment for the $5 billion neuropathic pain market.