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Cytogel has one issued patent and other patents pending on novel polymer and hydrogel products, their derivatives, and production methods that were identified and disclosed by scientists at Cornell University. The company acquired these technologies from Cornell.

Hydrogels are advanced polymer systems that hold special advantages for the delivery of biological drugs and enhancing the biocompatibility of implantable devices. These technologies have the potential to alter drug release and delivery kinetics to better control the blood and tissue levels of the particular drugs. The company's formulations should improve the duration of action and/or reduce undesirable side effects of the selected drug to the extent these side effects are related to the pharmacokinetics of the specific drugs. The hydrogel and polymer technologies owned by Cytogel may offer particular advantages as vehicles that can be loaded with drugs after manufacturing, permitting their use with a broad range of active agents including therapeutic proteins and vaccines. These polymers and hydrogels can be configured in a variety of geometries and attached to medical devices such as cardiac stents, further expanding their potential use as local drug delivery adjuncts.