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Cytogel Pharma identifies early-stage discoveries that suggest future product opportunities through its network of academic contacts, participation in scientific conferences, and strategic literature surveillance. Our team critically evaluates selected opportunities and seeks to enhance their prospects of success through close collaborative contact with the discovering scientists. This approach permits Cytogel to acquire early-stage important medical technologies that are cost-effective and have improved commercial prospects.

The ongoing parallel evaluation of multiple product opportunities has led the company to build initial programs focused on important new approaches for the treatment of pain and high value drug delivery technologies for enhanced pharmacokinetics. The company licensed patents for analgesic technologies, discovered by scientists working at Tulane University, and obtained the rights from Cornell University to two patentable discoveries in the field of hydrogels.

With this strategy in place, the company is advancing two key platform technologies:

  • Novel analgesic products based on the structure of endomorphins
  • Biocompatible hydrogels for drug delivery and device coating

Cytogel is also developing a primary product candidate Cyt-1010 for the treatment of acute and chronic pain.